5 Essential and Must-Have Art Supplies for Beginners 

A large inventory of craft supplies would be handy for your upcoming project and ensure your kids have all the essentials for their creativity. Besides the kids, the craft supplies will be necessary for your DIY projects, especially home-based projects such as decoration. Craft is not only meant for pros; even beginners can join the craft club with the right supplies; the challenge is selecting the right supplies suitable for the project.  

You can have so many craft supplies for your upcoming project, and it can sometimes be challenging to select what you need. Here is a guideline to help you select the basic craft supplies for the forthcoming project.  

Drawing Kits and Items 

For craft lovers involved in painting and other related projects, you should have all the essential items, such as paint brushes, cleaning items, and a small paint pot. To avoid paint mixes that can interfere with the nature of your craft, you should have small paint pots for different paints to ensure project uniformity. Paint brushes should not be used for different painting needs; you should consider organizing them based on the paints and storing them in specific pots used for the specific paints.  

Next, you should buy paintbrushes of different sizes and textures for different painting needs. Other painting items include sketch items that may be used to create a design before you begin painting. Other items on your list should consist of the pads, such as pallet paper pads, canvas pads, etc. You need an eraser, graphite pencils, pencil sharpeners, a ruler, and a sketchbook for small-scale painting. You can also consider color wheel and other items based on what the school provides. 

Art Journal Supplies 

Art journalism is one of the leading craft activities you can engage in, especially during your free time. Art journalism can help you capture creative moments, express feelings and prepare for the future. Like other journals, it contains your details; however, they are organized creatively and differently. Besides the purchased items, such as pre-made journal arts books, you can customize your journal based on the things you have. 

The basic journal items include brushes, stencils, stamps, inks, and art journals. You should carefully select the journal; to ensure the pages are thick enough to absorb all the paint without the ages getting wet or sticky. There is a need to be cautious, especially about the nature of the paints. You should avoid thick and wet bushes affecting your art journal’s texture. 

Cutting Supplies 

Nearly all craft projects require cutting something to trim or make a specific shape. Cutting tools are critical when you are involved in decorative crafts, which include making decorative items. It can also be essential for other projects, such as cutting papers, vinyl, faux letters, cardboard, etc. Not all cutting tools will be necessary for the project since a tool like a pen knife, or scalpel may not be suitable for trimming, but in such cases, you need scissors. The scissor you need may also vary in size from small to large.  

While selecting the items, ensure they are made of rubber to increase your grip and improve accuracy when cutting, especially when your palms are sweaty. The cutting tools will also be based on the project scale. For instance, a craft knife may not be suitable for cutting more paper shapes; instead, you need a mechanized paper cutter.  

Craft Supply Organizer 

Organizing your craft will enable you to keep tabs on your inventory and successfully plan your next purchasing list. The organization will also allow you safely store the items that should not be mixed with others due to fragility and the nature of the items. You can organize the items based on their personality, such as fragility, project purposes, seasons, size, and other aspects.  

You can organize the storage systems using bags, specific shelves, and other storage ideas suitable for different strategies. Storage will also help you reduce the clutter in your craft room and ensure the space remains neat. When storing the items, you should store the items that may not affect others. For example, you should not store papers and paints together or fragile kits with other hard and metallic items. 

Craft Kits for Kids 

Kids have special craft items; hence you need to have an inventory for all their needs and plan for other needs, such as storage and other essential items. When organizing or purchasing craft kits for kids, follow two main procedures: outcome-based crafts and process art. While selecting the items for the kids, you also need to focus on the safety concerns, such as avoiding sharp objects that can lead to injuries. 

Next, you should organize and avail the items based on the school’s needs and projects. Keep in touch with the teachers to help plan the items needed for the school’s next projects. The basic items the for the kids will include paint brushes, papers, boards, pens, pencils, string, wool, and other things. You should also consider using recycled items for the kids, such as reusing storage containers, crayons, ribbons, and envelopes.  


A good craftsperson must be willing to keep the craft area and room neat to avoid clutter and a chaotic environment, especially when preparing children’s crafts. The essentials you need will depend on your needs, such as children’s needs, your craft ambition, and the nature of the project. Next is to have a storage and organization system for your art inventory.  

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