6 Ways to Improve Your Creative Thinking Skills 

There is a constant need for creativity in today’s world. Marketing campaigns, learning, and business models require solutions that defy standard rules. Critical thinking is an essential skill. There is no way to teach this skill, but you can improve it. 

Creative thinking requires innovative problem-solving, such as brainstorming new ideas or coming up with a last-minute costume idea. Although many people possess these skills naturally, cultivating them is crucial to success. The following article will provide six ways to improve your creative thinking skills. So, let’s dive in. 

  1. Taking herbs

You may think more creatively with CBD. Researchers have linked this supernatural product with many health benefits, including reducing anxiety and stress. According to studies, CBD may also enhance creativity. Furthermore, CBD is now legal at the federal level thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. 

The brain’s frontal lobe receives more blood flow when you use CBD. Highly creative people have increased blood flow to this area of their brain compared to those who are not as clever. Researchers at the Centre for Neuro Skills found that the frontal lobe handles creative traits such as problem-solving and spontaneity. 

The brain communicates with itself through the flow of blood. Increasing blood flow helps the brain think about various scenarios and topics faster. The brain can then search for multiple outcomes instead of a single answer. CBD products like https://cbdfx.com/collections/cbd-tincture/ increase blood flow to the brain, so you are more open to possibilities and can process them faster when using them.  

  1. Just Get Started 

You have to start creating. A study found that too much screen time and standardized testing were responsible for students’ declining creativity. Neither of these activities enhances creativity. 

Your creative thinking skills will improve as you create more, especially when you: 

  • Get hands-on experience 
  • Seek inspiration wherever you go 
  • Discover your passions and learning style 
  • Engage in creative activities 

It is incorrect to believe that creativity is only possible if you are innately artistic. You can enhance your creative thinking skills by embracing your strengths and engaging in activities that strengthen your abilities to invent or discover new ideas. 

  1. Get Clutter Free 

Cluttered workspaces lead to confused minds. Although there are always exceptions to famous sayings, science suggests a relationship between tidiness and creativity. The one downside of clearing out the clutter is that cleaning is a great way to procrastinate. Sitting down to work is hard when there’s one more shelf to dust. 

Your creativity will suffer if cleaning and tidying get in the way of your focus. A messy space does not mean you cannot be creative in a sterile and immaculately clean environment. Keeping the two impulses in balance is the key. You can swat the air when you sweep the floor too frequently. That’s when you need to be creative. 

  1. Think Differently 

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash 

Achieving something you haven’t achieved requires you to try something new. You can reframe your thinking by changing your perspective. 

Reframing your thinking will enable you to become more creative by: 

  • Becoming curious and eager to learn 
  • Attempting to learn new things 
  • Getting away from the noise occasionally 

By reframing a problem, you will feel differently about it. By seeing things from a different perspective, you will discover new angles you may not have seen before because your focus was on what you wanted or expected. 

  1. Learn Something Different 

Learning doesn’t end when school is over. Maintaining a growth mindset in your professional and personal lives is essential for success. Most business executives believe employees should continue to learn and reskill themselves. Every day, learning is good for your mind and your career. 

New skills and knowledge stimulate the brain and help improve connections. It can boost your creativity and allow you to view familiar objects differently. You do not have to learn a complex new skill daily to keep your brain active. It only takes reading an article about an exciting topic or practicing a new hobby. Continuous learning encourages creative thinking because it helps maintain your existing knowledge and skills. 

  1. Redesign Your Space 

Lack of stimulation can make you feel you’re in a mental rut. If you have trouble thinking differently, consider looking at your workspace differently. By rearranging your office or workspace, you create a new environment that stimulates your brain while also helping you see familiar things in a new light. By stepping away from your desk, you can develop new ideas to integrate into your work. 

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, modifying your workspaces might be challenging. Because of social distancing and remote work, many of you now have minimal options for a workplace, which may negatively affect your health. Even slight changes can help stimulate creativity, especially for those who can move around and work in another room. Has your desk always faced the same way? Then turn it the other way. Are you weary of the same old walls? Decorate them with some new artwork. It is never too small to make a difference. 


You can push for innovation by using creative thinking skills. By challenging assumptions, creative thinking facilitates progress, provides better solutions for complex problems, and allows continuous improvement. Creative thinking is something you can learn! Often, taking a break from your regular routines would be best to think more creatively. 

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