Games that require players to use logic and reasoning in order to solve a riddle consistently draw a sizable player base. Among Us has successfully attracted a wide range of viewers of various ages thanks to its “graphics of third graders” yet adult gameplay. Among Us was not a big hit when it was created by InnerSloth and released in 2018, but in 2019 and 2020 it attracted a lot of players and rose to the top of the charts.

The storyline in the game AMONG US Among Us is intriguing, and the gameplay is unusual. You’ll take part in the game as one of several crew members on a spaceship.

There will be one or more additional gamers masquerading as crew member impersonators aboard this ship. The other honest players will be killed, and this impostor will destroy the ship.

In order to stop the impostor from killing everyone and destroying the spacecraft, you and the other upright astronauts must locate him. Following a death, everyone on board will assemble and elect to expel the impostor.

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Play together

As soon as you walk into the room, position yourself in front of the laptop as indicated below, then press Usage to select a color for the character. Also, you are free to select your own headwear. Click the word “start” when it appears to launch the game.

Impostors and Crewmates will be the two factions in the room. If your name appears in red, that indicates you the impostor; the impostor will selected at random. You alone can see the red text.

In a room with up to three imposters, you will also see the name of the additional impostor turn red. Well, let’s start killing and destroying now.

When you first start the game, everyone will congregate around the table as shown below. There is a red button there; click it to let everyone know that someone has died or suspected of being a fake.

You will find a hatch cover in the room as seen below; press “Vent” to jump into the tunnel. Press the arrow to advance to another hatch cover; these tunnels will lead to other regions of the ship. These hatch covers are only accessible to the Impostor.

If you are an impostor, you must complete a quest in which you pretend to be a regular person. The upper left corner of the screen will display the task notification bar.

Go murder the other guys in the room once the Kill button has taken effect, which should just take a few seconds. The cooldown for the Kill button begins each time you successfully kill someone. Hence, avoid killing individuals if you notice two people occupying the same space.


You can view the locations on the map by selecting Sabotage. The Impostor can close the door in the locations shown with a red X. If there are two or three imposters, even if they are dead, they can still use sabotage.

They will also triumph if the Impostors manage to destroy the ship’s oxygen (O2) system before the others can repair it.

When murdering somebody, you are by yourself, and if someone enters the room and discovers a body soon after. If they accuse you, you need not fear because you are by yourself and can defend yourself in front of the others.

Regardless of whether you’re an Impostor or an ordinary person, if you see a dead body, you can click Report to let everyone know and cast a quick vote.

You will soon “kicked” out of the room by a “vote,” and the person who alerts that person will have a speaker icon. Every person can removed from office by clicking the green checkmark next to their name.

Chat button

There will be a chat button in the window’s upper right corner; click on it to explain to everyone. You will kicked if you keep quiet.

On that person’s head will written the number of voters. Also, no one will asked to leave the room if the numbers are equal. You can decide not to vote if you do not have sufficient evidence to convince everyone. Moreover, a member won’t clicked if the skip vote is greater than or equal to the vote for that member.

When someone expelled from the room, the other participants are informed whether the expelled person is an impostor.

You will not be able to vote to kick other players if you pass away. Voting is still possible, but only among players that have the same status as me. Additionally, you are still capable of working while in this spiritual state.

If you are not an impostor, attempt to finish all the missions with the other Crew members since if they finish them all, they will win.

Security cameras will installed on board to allow you to monitor other passengers. Also, it is difficult to convince everyone that the impostor is the real deal if you have reason to suspect him in order to get them to vote to send him into space.

Some guidelines for US

Don’t reveal who murdered you after being slain, and keep quiet until the game is over. even when you are a ghost.
Do not speak about others while playing; instead, simply discuss what you saw when the meeting called.
Even though you can see the impostor on the camera, you can’t identify him or her without using the meeting button.


Despite being a recent release, Among Us has not drawn much attention due to its simplistic aesthetics. Yet those who play Among Us will see that it’s an appealing game that players enjoy. While with being amusing, Among Us develops players’ capacity for reason, logic, and observation. Despite its popularity, Among Us saw a decline in players and revenue towards the beginning of 2021 as a result of the tardiness with which the new edition updated.

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