Best Arcade Games Of All Time

This list contains some spectacular titles. Of course I would say that; I know I said that, but it’s true. It was difficult to limit myself to only 20, and to be honest, I’m likely to return and add another ten titles soon because there are so many classics that need to be featured.

This compilation of the finest arcade games of all time shows some of the biggest achievements and crucial milestones in the history of the video game business, from the first arcade game in the 1970s through modern belters like Number 17 on our list.

And, before someone trolls us, they’re not in the correct sequence.

This time, I’ve just mentioned 20 games that mean a lot to me and that everyone should play at least once if not own in some manner, shape, or form.

There’s so much gaming genius packed into this piece that you might want to take a nap before and after. Take your time; there’s a lot to cover!

1. Donkey Kong

Best Arcade Games - Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong will always be the first arcade game that springs to mind when I see lists like this. It’s one of the greatest and most influential arcade games of all time, and it captures the golden era of gaming.

I’m sure you had no idea one game could be so many things!

This title demonstrated Nintendo’s successful formula, and they would go on to great things. It’s the grandfather of platform games (I may repeat it many than often in this post), and it was the first to bring the K.O Hammer to the world.

Consider how insane Smash Brothers would be without it!

Back when Mario was known as ‘Jumpman,’ he had to negotiate ladders and platforms to save Pauline from King Kong’s more renowned cousin, Donkey Kong. It’s tough, it’s tense, and it’s a game that will live forever.

2. Pac-Man

Pac-Man does not require an introduction. This game had to be included on this list of the top arcade games of all time. It was intended to be on this list from the time it was first performed!

Pac-Man is a video game staple. He’s not just one of the most recognizable video-game characters of all time, but he’s also a cult hero. I’ve seen Pac-Man t-shirts on youngsters who have never even played the game!

The principle is simple: consume dots in a maze while avoiding those vividly colored ghosts that, while difficult to spot, always catch you in the end.

The stages become increasingly difficult as the game progresses, providing players with enough to go through as well as plenty of joystick-slamming, controller-smashing disappointments along the way.

3. Miss Pac-Man

Best Arcade Games - Miss Pac Man

Of course, Pac-Man isn’t the only one that enjoys eating circular dots. Miss Pac-Man is a collector’s best friend, frequently decorating man caves and gaming rooms around the country. She had it all, even a modernized version of the traditional game.

Miss Pac-Man, chosen lady of the year, is without a doubt one of the finest arcade games ever seen in American arcade halls.

She was the first female protagonist in a computer game, and she distinguished herself from Pac-Man with her pink bow, “swooning” defeat animation, and brighter stages.

Miss Pac Man, like her husband/boyfriend/pixel eating buddy with benefits, is frequently seen on lists of the top titles on any system, such as the best Atari 2600 games and even the best Atari 5200 games.

4. Mario Bros

The next entry on my list of the top arcade games of all time is Mario Bros., and what a title it is. This one goes way back, before Mario started racing with Luigi and buddies, and even before he faced Sphinxes in Super Mario Land.

This is a famous collaboration between Miyamoto and Yokoi. It’s the game that started it all for the Mario series, and it’s a title that’s frequently incorporated in later Mario titles to pay respect to the plumber’s beginnings.

In this game, there is no Bowser to defeat; instead, Mario and Luigi are performing their plumber responsibilities in New York’s sewers, stomping on foes and clearing screens.

The ever-useful ‘POW’ block, which knocks all foes onto their backs for a brief time, is a significant component in this game. To succeed in Mario Bros, you must keep your wits sharp and your fingers swift!

5. Space Invaders

Best Arcade Games - Space Invaders

Space Invaders may appear basic now, but it’s instantly recognizable, and many believe it to be the finest of the best arcade games of all time.

It’s not that advanced today, but back in the golden era of gaming, this was like booting up Call of Duty for the first time on a PlayStation 5.

Sports games and space-age titles like the following two on this list would not exist without it as Retro Bowl.

It’s also one of the most successful titles ever made, with over $13 billion in revenue. Taito knew they had a winner on their hands with this one!

As a lone gunner, you must kill aliens while dodging their blasters as they march down the screen. It’s so basic that it hurts, which makes it all the more addicting and simple to grasp.

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