Canada PR vs Australia PR: Which country is better to settle in?

Australia’s and Canada’s economies both rely heavily on immigration. The two countries have relied more and more on new permanent residents and temporary visa holders, such as international students and employees, during the past few decades to support their population, workforce, and economic expansion. The topic of conversation has always been – is it better to apply for Canada PR visa or Australia PR visa?

Many people who are considering moving ask questions like, “Which country is better to immigrate to, Australia or Canada?” and “Which is better for its jobs, Canada or Australia?” Do you have the same concerns and can’t decide whether to live in the north with the moose or down under with the kangaroos? That is undoubtedly a difficult and complicated question. Consider the contrast between Canada and Australia before making a choice. 

Let’s discuss these comparisons in detail to help you decide which country best meets your needs. 

  • Cost of Living

Australia is seen as slightly more expensive than Canada. This varies, of course, depending on the city. When it comes to the cost of living, however, Canada is 17.7% less expensive than Australia. A major reason that drives people to apply for Canada PR visa. 

  • Healthcare

Most Canadian citizens have access to free primary health care, which is provided by Medicare. The eligibility requirements for providing healthcare vary per province. Additionally, healthcare prices are lower here. On the other hand, Australia has a strong healthcare system where you can use medical services after becoming a permanent resident. To cover dental and specialty treatment costs, however, many Australians elect to get private health insurance.

  • Employment Opportunities

Australian salaries are somewhat higher than Canadian salaries. But no country makes it so simple to look for a job. Employment opportunities are in abundance in both countries. However, given the greater demand for skilled employees, employment in Canada would be rather easier to find. Another key reason for the increase in the number of immigrants that apply for Canada PR visa. 

  • Working Hours

You may compare the working hours in each country to determine which is best for jobs, Canada or Australia. The typical workday for federal employees in Canada is eight hours, or up to forty hours per week, or 2,086 hours per year. Whereas 7.6 hours a day are considered the average workday in Australia.

  • PR Process

Compared to most other countries, the Great White North makes it simple to apply for Canada PR visa. It is possible to become a permanent resident of Australia, however, the procedure takes a longer time. Also, the Canadian government offers more options to immigrate – than the Australian. 

  • Housing

Canada is substantially less expensive than Australia because housing and rent are cheaper there. The high tax rate in Australia is the reason. Central Canada charges 14.4% less for a one-bedroom apartment than Australia. According to a recent survey, immigrants find it simpler to own their own homes and become homeowners in Canada than it is in Australia.

  • Taxes

The highest tax rate in Canada is 33.0%, whereas the highest tax rate in Australia is 45%. Therefore, paying taxes in Canada will cost you 26.7% less than paying taxes in Australia.

  • Education

The top two places for overseas students to study are both – Canada and Australia. But compared to Australia, studying in Canada is much more rewarding and less expensive. Canada’s educational system is of a higher caliber than Australia’s. Through strong theoretical and practical education methods, Canada has set itself the goal of accepting highly trained professionals and providing them with long-term employment opportunities – as well as a direct pathway to apply for Canada PR visa.

Which is better? Both countries provide luxurious lifestyles, world-class infrastructure, and robust economies. It can be difficult to determine which country is better because, in the end, everything depends on your preferences, profile, and desired lifestyle. If you still need help deciding which is a better place for you – you can seek guidance from an Australia or Canada PR consultant in Noida.

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