Finding Your Soulmate through the Power of Kundli Matchmaking

Matchmaking by kundali is really very important for marriage or to build a stronger relationship. As everyone knows, Lovebirds are always ready to plan how they can make their day more special with loved one’s. Courtship period are the phase when people show their affection and love to their beloved or spouse by sending cards, flowers or chocolates with messages of love. We believe that one day is not enough to express love, but it still holds immense charm among natives from all walks of life.

Everyone wants to have a beautiful love story full of butterflies and flowers. According to Vedic astrology, the planet Venus is responsible for blessed love and married life. Let’s move ahead and know the top five planetary placements in Kundli that indicate strong love and married life and how to strengthen Venus with various tips.

Fifth House Kundli: Love and Romantic Relationships?

According to Vedic astrology, the fifth house in a person’s birth chart is considered to be the house of love. Venus is the planet of love and romantic relationships. Other planets and houses have their own significance, but these are the main points that decide the quality of your love life. The influence of the Moon and Rahu on the fifth house and Venus shows your emotional side towards your romantic relationships. Traditionally, there are many yogas that are also responsible for love marriages.

6 major planetary placements in Kundli indicate strong love life and marriage?

Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and money. Its placement in our horoscope shows how we express affection, who we are attracted to and our own attractiveness. Along with giving us advice on our spending habits and what kind of aesthetic we’re drawn to; Venus shows us what kind of relationships we thrive in and what fuels our pleasure. Basically, it reveals what makes us happy in love and is of great importance for a successful love life.

The Moon heightens your imagination and emotions and makes you feel like you need a partner in your life. It controls your mind, which is very important for love. Thus, a good position of the Moon with Venus is also a strong yoga for love and healthy relationships, and one can prove successful in managing one’s own love life. However, it can be seen that even the influence of Rahu on the Moon amplifies the emotions of the natives and inclines them to the path of romance.

The planet Mars is the planet that provides the energy and passion needed to achieve anything in life. When you like someone, it is imperative for you to speak your heart out to them with full passion and stubbornness. Mars gives you this courage. Otherwise, such love that remains unrequited is of no use. So the planet Mars is also of great importance for the attainment of love.

Now the question arises – when does one find their soulmate? Here the role of dasha and transit comes to light. If the native transits the dasha of the fifth lord or seventh lord or the planet is placed or affects the fifth or seventh house, it creates chances for the native to find the love of their life. If Jupiter transits the native’s natal Jupiter, this is the time when he can find his spouse.

For those who are in love, want to know whether their love will turn into marriage or not. 

The planetary placements below indicate the same possibility

  • Fifth lord relationship with seventh lord with conjunction, placement or mutual aspects form a strong yoga for love marriage.
  • Conjunction of the fifth lord with Venus in Lagna and aspecting the seventh house will bless the native with love marriage.
  • Moon and Venus conjunction and relationship with fifth and seventh lord or house will ensure you a love marriage.
  • The fifth house is the house of love and feelings, while the eleventh house is the house of ambition and fulfillment of desires. If Panchmesh and Ekadesh are join together in the horoscope, having any relation to seventh house or seventh lord, then a strong yoga for love marriage is formed.
  • If Rahu is related to the fifth or seventh house or is combin with Venus, then it creates a love marriage situation by violating social norms. Such a marriage may be inter-caste or inter-religious and the partner may be from a foreign country.
  • If Mars is with Venus in the fifth or seventh house, then it helps in converting love into marriage, but after marriage, problems will dwell around you.

Medicines to boost your love life?

  • Worshiping Radha Krishna also strengthens love relationships.
  • Having a pair of rose quartz love birds in your bedroom will increase your aura of love.
  • Worshipping Goddess Lakshmi on Friday and offering her red flowers will remove all obstacles from your love life.
  • Your love marriage can be possible if you give strength to the fifth house. And also to the lord of the seventh house
  • You can also wear a Rose Quartz ring, bracelet or pendant to increase the love in your life.

Sign wise tips to strengthen your Venus in Kundli and have a blessed love / married life

  • Aries: Give your partner a perfume.
  • Taurus: Wear a diamond or opal ring on your ring finger.
  • Gemini: Offer young girls some colorful sweets.
  • Cancer: Touch your feet and receive the blessings of your mother and elder sister. If possible, give them something as a gift too.
  • Leo: Respect the woman in your workplace and the woman younger than you. And keep your workplace organized and beautified.
  • Virgo: Chant the shukra beej mantra 108 times a day. ॐ द्रां द्रीन द्रयून सः शुक्राय नमः।
  • Libra: Wear a diamond or opal ring on your ring finger.
  • Scorpio: Respect your partner and give them flowers.
  • Sagittarius: Respect all the women around you, try to get their blessings and avoid any conflict or argument with them.
  • Capricorn: Worship Goddess Lakshmi on Friday and keep fast if health permits.
  • Aquarius: Worship Goddess Lakshmi on Fridays and offer her kheer.
  • Pisces: Offer white sweets to every married Brahmin lady in the temple.

Online janam kundli: 

As an AI language model, I can provide information on what an Online Janam Kundli is and how to get one online.

Janam Kundli, also known as a birth chart or horoscope, is a map of the positions of the celestial bodies at the time of a person’s birth. It is believed in Vedic astrology that the positions of these celestial bodies at the time of a person’s birth can influence their personality traits, behavior, and life events.

To get an online Janam Kundli, you can visit various astrology or apps that offer the service. Some popular options include Astrolabe, Astrodienst, and Astrosage. You’ll need to enter your birth details, such as your date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth, and the website or app will generate your Janam Kundli.

Keep in mind that while Janam Kundli can provide insights into your personality and life events, they should not be used as the sole basis for making important decisions in your life. It’s always best to seek professional advice and make decisions based on your own judgment and intuition.

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