Fix: Linksys Extender WiFi Keeps Cutting Out!

If you are a user of Linksys extender and facing the extender wifi keeps cutting out the issues. After performing the Linksys extender setup RE6400 and wondering to know the reason behind this issue then you are at the right place. Here, in this post, we will elaborate on every concept related to this issue so that you can solve the problem hassle-free. We highly recommend you keep reading to learn more about why this dropout occurs and what you will do about it to fix it.

Causes Extender WiFi Keeps Cutting Out

There are numerous reasons why your extender wifi keeps cutting out. Let’s take the leap and discuss the causes of the issue:

  • Weak Internet Connection
  • WiFi Interference
  • Too many devices connected
  • Technical Glitches
  • Usage of outdated firmware
  • Wrong Configuration of Linksys extender

These are the frequent causes that drag your device to create the wifi issue. If you want to solve this issue hassle-free then follow the suitable solutions that are explained further.

Hacks: Extender WiFi Keeps Cutting Out

Here. We are some methods how you can troubleshoot the Linksys extender wifi keeps cutting out the issues:

Remove WiFi Interference

The network of Linksys extender can be interrupted by the home appliance. If you configure your device near the home appliance including Smart TV, Bluetooth Speaker, Microwave, Washing Machine, etc., then you are making a big mistake. The reason being, electronic gadgets have electronic waves that create issues in signal transmission.

If you want to solve this issue then we recommend you configure your extender at the place where the home appliance does not exist. Now, you can check your device’s WiFi to ensure it works well or not. If this hack isn’t helping you then you don’t need to worry. We have more hacks for you to fix the issue.

Check the Wired Connection

Wired connection also creates the issue sometimes. If you use the Ethernet cable to make the connection between the host router and Linksys extender, then cross-check the Ethernet cable properly. If you found any damage on the cable then change the cable. 

Moreover, all check whether the Ethernet cable is properly inserted in the device’s Ethernet ports or not. If not then insert the Ethernet properly and fix the issue.

Update the Firmware

Do you remember when you updated your Linksys extender firmware last time? If you take time to remember the date, then it means you update your firmware a few months ago. So, we recommend you check the firmware version of your device first. If you found an old version then update it as soon as you can.

You can access the cellular data to get access to the default web address to check the firmware version.

Change the Wireless Channel

If you still stand in the same situation then try this solution. Maybe this will help you to fix the issue. There is a possibility that the wireless channel your Linksys extender uses has to be changed. Most probably Linksys extender is set to the default channels. Whereas, it found that channels 1, 6, and 11 are the best option for the extender wifi. Moreover, whatever channel you are choosing, you need to ensure that your device network should not on a high-traffic channel.

Reset Your Device

Now, this is the last hack that is rarely performed by users. You can perform a Linksys extender reset process to solve the issue. To set the extender on its factory setting you need to press the reset button which is usually located at the back panel of the device.

Hence, these are the steps that you need to perform to fix the issue with the Linksys extender.

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