How influential & cost saving eco-friendly Kraft boxes are? Here’re 6 amazing facts

When brands search for the best packaging solution for their product, they need to get something that is eco-friendly and strong. This is because many customers are environmentally-conscious and will want to buy from a company that is responsible when it comes to the environment. Kraft boxes are important here. The boxes are popular due to their diversity of options for packaging products. The eco-friendly nature of the boxes is a main reason why people prefer them. 

The following tells you 6 points on how influential and cost-saving eco-friendly Kraft boxes can be:

Eco-friendly nature attracts potential customers

Global warming is something that everyone worries about. Packaging is a main source of this. There is so much packing that ends up in inland fields and water bodies therefore adding to pollution. When considering Kraft packaging, it is said to be 100% eco-friendly. 

This is because the raw material for these boxes is highly recyclable. On top of this, 90% of the recycled boxes have recycled material. Media coverage aids in making people aware of the pollution issue and so many now prefer eco-friendly packaging like these boxes.

Cost-efficient feature

Custom Kraft packaging is cost-efficient. Pricing is a main concern of every organization. They wish to make creative boxes but the cost of these may hinder their creativity. However when looking at these boxes, you can easily customize them using stickers, drawings, ribbons, stamps, etc. and that at a reasonable cost. 

The boxes are a pocket-friendly option that one can pursue many different printing methods on with ease. 


The boxes are influential because they are versatile. They give one many options for packaging different products. A brand will not need to look elsewhere for the right box. 

For example they are the best option for packaging stuff like aromatics as well as handmade items. Jewelry can also be put in them. By customizing Kraft boxes, a brand can get a unique brand image and give itself a personality. 

Simple to customize

Eco-friendly Kraft boxes are print-friendly. You can therefore conveniently customize these with a logo and other product details. This can help make them a marketing tool for a brand to help draw shoppers to the product they are selling. 

You can be innovative and print the box attractively. Include benefits of your product on the packaging and include enticing photography of the item for instance. 

Printing methods have different options here. This includes CMYK offset printing, gold and silver foil stamping, spot UV finishing, and more. It is possible to print exclusively on the boxes. The plain boxes without any printing also look good when you decorate them with stickers, stamps, etc. These can improve the look of the package cost-effectively. 

Get the perfect shape and size box

With Kraft packaging, you can get the box in a rectangle, triangle, diamond, etc., shape. This will help the product stand out in the market. You can get the perfect shape box which matches the shape of the product within. 

The size of packaging matters when personalizing packaging. A uniform size is not best for many products, therefore you need to get a custom size box. You can do this here and get the boxes with varying sizes. You will be saving money on not getting a large box that can cause movement of your product providing it with risk. A better impression is given of your company when the packaging is the perfect size. 

Good marketing tool

When you are looking for packaging, you should choose the one that can help market your brand. This is possible to do with custom Kraft packaging

You can print your brand logo on the box therefore helping people know about your company. They can also notice the other products that your business sells with the help of this logo. Include the contact information of your company on the box as well so that people can easily contact you in case they wish to buy more items. 

It will be possible to design the box so that the consumer base will notice it and will consider buying your product. You can research on who these people are and then design the packaging according to what will draw their eyes. 

Let people know about what you are selling by including the details of the product on the box. It depends on what you are selling, but you should only include the important details of the product on it.

Choose the best color scheme after looking at color psychology so that you can know the colors that will give meaning to your packaging.

From the above you can see that Kraft boxes are influential and cost-saving as they can protect your product and can also advertise it to people. 

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