How to Convert WEBP to PNG Online (Best-Proven Ways)?

There’s no longer an issue regarding converting webp files to png images. Fortunately, there are a wide array of conversion tools available around the internet that lets you export webp as png quickly. However, proceeding with one from such a bulk collection looks like a challenging task. For your convenience, we created this post that is packed with the best versions of webp file to png converters to make free and instant conversions. 

Why Convert Webp to PNG?

Webp is a new image format and mainly used around the web for faster loading, but still not compatible or supported by many browsers and devices. This is the most auspicious reason to swap webp images with PNG’s. For that, move to right now and get from there the best webp to png converter that lets you create png from existing png files using advanced settings. 


This is the one of the most popular freeware utilities for converting files to and from different compatible file formats. It also included a free and easy to navigate webp to png converter that lets you download webp as png without reducing the quality of the image. No matter whether you’re using webp file to png converter or any other online tool, this web-based application allows you to make free conversions.

The upside is that with this free source, you can easily turn more than 20 files simultaneously. You can process high quality conversions for image, video, audio, document, and unit files. You can even quickly resize, compress, and adjust the quality for the converted file after the conversion is done. 

How to Change WebP to PNG with FreeConvert?

  • Proceed with Choose Files option to add webp image into the main toolbox of this online converter
  • Once you added the image, click on the given Convert to PNG button for making swift conversion
  • Wait for a couple of seconds and Download the newly converted raster PNG file


Convertio is another full-fledged and multi-support web-based source that supports more than 200 file formats to make quick conversions. Get free version of webp to png converter from this legit source that swiftly generates png raster image file from an existing Google webp file without reducing the quality. Apart from that, you can make a couple of clicks to convert the exported PNG image into different other supported file formats for free of cost.

Moreover,  if you’re seeking for free video cutter, audio cutter, compress video, and other tools, then Convertio is an ultimate utility to proceed with. 

How to Turn WebP Picture into PNG Online Using Convertio?

  • Add your webp file into the main toolbox section of this online conversion tool
  • From the drop-down menu, choice for PNG as the converted format and make click on the Convert button
  • Finally, your converted PNG image is ready to save, just hit Download button on its main interface


You can now turn Google Web Picture into PNG image format quickly and easily by using webp to png converter by CloudConvert. No quality distortion takes place at any point while saving webp as png file format. No matter whether you have spreadsheet, image, document, audio, video, and any other files, this converter allows you to do all in the matter of seconds.

No need to install additional programs and say goodbye to registration steps, just drag and drop and get your converted files.

How to Change Google WebP to PNG online using CloudConvert?

  • Open webp to png converter by CloudConvert and start adding webp file into designated area
  • Once your webp file is completed uploaded, then its time to make a choice for PNG as the output format
  • Click Convert button and make a blink of eyes of save the newly transformed PNG


Start using this online web-based application right now to change one or more files to and from different compatible file types. Even it offers a free webp to png converter that takes less than a minute for converting a batch of webp files into png images. Apart from that, you could make files transformation to and from audio, document, video, image, pdf, and more files conversion. 

And, if you want to compress, merge, and split PDF document files for free of cost, then this online PDF conversion tool does all for you in a matter of seconds. 

How to turn a webp file into PNG for Free with theonlineconverter?

  • Launch the webp to png converter by theonlineconverter and drag and drop one or more webp files into the designated toolbox
  • Click on the given Convert button and all you need to wait for a couple of seconds
  • Finally, press the Download All button that mainly functions to save all the converted PNG file at once without any error


Get this simple, but fastest webp file to png converter to make conversions from Google web picture into png file. Say goodbye to all of those daunting installation or sign-up processes, just a couple of clicks lets you export webp as a png file. 

You can even get different online converters with this source that includes audio, video, document, image, and more for free.

How to Export WebP as PNG using OnlineConvertFree?

Open the main page of this converter and import your webp file into the designated box

Click Convert

Save PNG with a single click

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