How USA VPS Hosting Helps You To Attain 20X Faster Speed?


Businesses that want to grow in the online market should have a website that loads faster and quickly shows the visitors’ results. A low-loading page of a site will lead you to get a high bounce rate that will result in damaging your business reputation. That’s why you always look for a hosting plan that provides a high uptime guarantee and dedicated resources to your website. One of the hosting types that will help you to attain 20X faster speed is VPS hosting. This VPS hosting type provides you with dedicated resources and a high network uptime guarantee that help you attain faster speed for your site in USA.

Furthermore, in this article, you’ll know about USA VPS Hosting and what resources it provides you to achieve a faster pace.

What is VPS(Virtual Private Server)?

VPS acts as an isolated, virtual environment on a physical server. A web hosting provider operates and owns the server and divides the web space into multiple private server environments. VPS uses virtualization technology to split the server and these servers are further assigned to users that own businesses online.

Since it provides a totally secure atmosphere to your site, unlike shared hostings. That’s why It is called an upgrade version of shared hosting. Also, as it offers resources like a dedicated server so in comparison to dedicated ones, it comes at a lower price.

Also, if your website already has shared hosting and you wish to upgrade to a nicer but lower-priced server, consider VPS hosting. In high-traffic situations, shared hosting fails to provide reliable hosting speed, which slows down the site’s loading speed. However, with USA VPS Hosting Plans, you can attain 20X faster page speed even at high-traffic times. It delivers top-tier equipment and uninterrupted network connectivity to a website to load it faster.

Top 3 Reasons to Use VPS Server For Better Website Speed in USA

1. Dedicated Resources

This is the main reason why you should choose a VPS server in USA for your website. A virtual private server provides totally dedicated resources that are assigned to you now. However, other sites are also hosted on the same server, but the resources you get are using are dedicated to your site only. No other site can use the resources other than you as you get an SSH root control with the package.

Furthermore, when you have dedicated resources for your website, you have proper freedom to use the functions however you want. That’s why you get proper storage to store the data, high bandwidth to load to a page quickly, and many more other features.

2. High Availability Servers That Don’t Go Down

Although the VPS is hosted on a physical server, the actual server itself is virtual. This means USA VPS Hosting doesn’t acquire any physical components of its own. So, if the physical server that the hosting is hosted on goes down, VPS can instantly be rebooted to another physical server.

All of your software, web applications, etc. will be online as the virtual private server is backed up as a server image. Because of the nature of the VPS server in USA, the hosting network will be highly available and provide the highest uptime assurance to the users.

3. No More Neighbour Drain

At high-traffic times, when the website is hosted on a shared server will go down as the neighboring sites may be experiencing the same simultaneously. In this situation, Your site’s server will go down and the visitors will experience a slow loading speed problem. However, this problem is totally resolved with VPS USA Servers.

As this server provides totally secure hosting environment and resources that only you use and other sites do not interfere with this. Although VPS in USA is shared with others you get the specially allocated resources that are only used by you. These can’t be drained by other neighbor sites. Bandwidth, CPU, memory, and SSD storage capacity are guaranteed to each individual user.

From Where You Can Buy the 20X Faster Speed VPS Hosting for USA Websites?

Although, in the USA, there are many VPS Hosting providers that offer great deals and reliable services, one of them that stands alone for providing the best services is Hostbillo. The host delivers really commendable hosting services which come at the cheapest possible price. Hostbillo also provides managed and unmanaged web hosting solutions, so as per your needs, you can pick any plan.

Furthermore, the main important thing that the host aims for is to deliver the best customer support services with its cheap VPS server plans in USA. Hostbillo delivers really reliable hosting services and we are not saying this, the customers that have bought the services from the host are saying this on various platforms. On top-notch hosting review platforms like Trustpilot and Hostasvice, you can find dozens of clients reviewing the services 4.5 out of 5. You can see that in the image that is attached below.

Hostbillo's VPS USA Reviews

How Can You Test Your Website’s Page Load Speed?

This question remains in everyone’s mind after buying reliable VPS Hosting services in USA how can we know how much time the page is taking to load it? That’s why here we are mentioning some of the top page load speed tools that help you to check the pace of your website.

1. GTMetrix

To determine how a website page is performing from per user point of view, GTMetrix has analyzed millions of sites. The counting is still going on. Here we are mentioning some of the great points that you can know about how to use the tool.

  • First, you need to copy and paste the URL of your site page to the tool’s analyzing box.
  • Further, it will analyze the page data and delivers an excel report to speed score and how you can improve the speed or performance of your site.

So, if you have knowledge about the matrix then you can find the bug where your site is lacking or the SEO expert or developer can help you.

2. Google Page Speed Insights

To minimize site load times, Google provides a platform called “PageSpeed Insights” that deliver very detailed site information to the site owner about the page. A site works on core web vital factors to perform better and rank better on search results. So, the information that you get in the report will be based on core web vital factors.

After pasting the target page URL into the analyzing box, it provides a detailed overview of the page speed and performance.

There are many more tools that will help you to get a detailed overview of the web page like web page tests, etc. So, you can use whichever platform works well per your needs. Therefore, when you buy the USA VPS Server Hosting plans, you can check the speed of the page. It will be far much better than the previous hosting plan on which your site was hosted.


For growing websites that want to attain fast speed can host on VPS Servers in USA. This hosting type is really incredible in offering better performance and speed for the page. You’ll get all the power of a mini dedicated server into your hands as the VPS hosting resources like dedicated ones. Also, the most important factor that makes VPS hosting reliable in USA is it comes at a very cheap rate than dedicated servers. Still, it includes mostly all the features that you get in dedicated ones.

Hosts like Hostbillo will make it easier for you to buy affordable plans as it delivers a wide price range with its USA VPS Hosting packages. It provides SSD storage, memory, and processing power that is totally allocated to you and is more secure and is easier to upgrade when needed.

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