Get Official KBC Helpline Number in India 2023

KBC Helpline Number, the new KBC quiz is a competition for Indian residents to test their knowledge on less well-known examples of India’s illustrious past. The purpose of this quiz is to pique the interest of Indian citizens in working together to bring the vision of Amrit Kaal in 2047 proposed by the Honorable Prime Minister Modi to fruition. It will be a quiz series that lasts the entire year and will organised monthly with a different topic each time.

How to Get Guide About Show:

First get informational guide from KBC helpline number that what is the participation process. It held an online quiz called shubharambh in the month of January. The quiz was open from, and it was based on major themes that demonstrated the power of a resilient India. These themes included Bhartiya Pravasi Diwas, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Yuva Prakaram, Surya Namaskar, and others. The test given in both English and Hindi and open to all people who legally allowed to live in India. A total of 32,452 people from all around the country took part in this survey, helping to make it a huge success.

Quizzing Festival by KBC:

The Quizzing Festival will take place from February 12 through March 3, and it has already attracted the participation of over 60 different educational institutions, including business schools. It is one of the largest online quiz competitions that has taken place this year, with over 8200 players, and the prize pool for the finalists is Rs 1 lakh, in addition to goodies. The Lite quiz league will begin on and will last for a total of six weeks. Players will compete against one another online each week to answer 48 questions spanning 12 distinct categories.

Every game will consist of six rounds, and players’ placement on a weekly leaderboard will determined by the total points they earn. In the world of quizzing, Dr. Navin Jayakumar, Major Chandrakant Nair, Vinid Sasidharan, Venkatesh Srinivasan, Sania Narulkar, Debanjan Bose, Kushan Patel, Raktim Nag, Abhinav Dhar, Abid Abdulla, and Siddhanth Rao are among the most well-known names. They are among the question setters.

How to Register For This Show:

Registration required and costs Rs 1,000 per participant; participants will receive Rs 150 back for each game they finish reading. The Quiz Fest will take place at University (Kolkata) on February 25 and 26, and will feature a total of six open quizzes spread out over the course of the two days. There no need to register in advance to take any of its quizzes, which can completed individually or in groups. On the day of the event, participants could required to a as a signup free. The following is a list of its themes.

Sunday Family Quiz:

The sports commentator charu sharma will serve as the host of the qshala sunday family quiz, which will be celebrating its 120th edition. The trivia will have an Indian handicrafts focus and will run from 10 to 11 in the morning. There will be awards for the winners. Participants who would like to speak with sharma, who is also the director of the Indian Pro Kabaddi League, will have the opportunity to do so at an ask me anything session that will take place following the event.

Lucky Draw Opining Date:

On February 25, will holding a public quiz that will presented by Major Chandrakant Nair (known as ‘Captain’ in the quizzing community). As a component of naalam which is the name of annual cultural festival, Bodhi will welcome participation from high school and college students, in addition to working people, and will provide awards totaling Rs 40,000. In the neighbourhood of Delhi, which is well-known for holding spirited pub quizzes, will be hosting a trivia night with questions pertaining to food, drinks, travel, and lifestyle. Beginning at six o’clock in the evening on February 19, the event will moderated by adittya nath mubayi and last until midnight. The winners will receive complimentary beverages as well as books.

Instructions for Completing Your Registration:

In order to sign up through the application, you will need to complete the basic steps that outlined in the following paragraphs. To begin, you will need to ensure that the application installed on your mobile device. This application is available for download from the Play Store as well as any other app market. You need to install it on your mobile device by searching for it. After that, launch the application, and then register for an account. In order to register, you will required to submit certain personal information. You will now presented with the app’s user interface at this point. You will have the opportunity to sign up for the Big picture quiz show when you get to that location. To move on to the next step, please click on that link.

Online Result Online:

After this step, the online registration form will presented to you to complete and submit. You are going to need to make sure that this registration form contains all of the pertinent information. Your entire name, your mobile phone number, your email address, and your gender are all required pieces of information. You will prompted to provide information regarding your occupation and qualifications. You will, at long last, provided with some terms and conditions pertaining to this show. Please give your full attention and then check the box that’s been provided. When you confirm your understanding of the terms and conditions of the series by clicking on that option, you considered to have done so. Hence, conduct yourself in an appropriate manner. You will now be able to submit your application form.

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