Online Anime and Manga Streaming Sites

Top Anime Websites in 2022: Anime is a type of Japanese animation that is frequently distinguished by vibrant, vivid images and an original sense of style. “Animation” is where its name derives from. Despite some claims to the contrary, anime is sometimes compared to cartoons.

As manga comics are a big influence on anime, it is drawn rather than animated. In recent years, as the internet and streaming technologies have proliferated, the number of anime websites has multiplied.

To watch free anime movies and TV series online, we’ve prepared a list of the top anime websites in this post.

Why People Prefer Streaming Over Anime

For people to enjoy anime, streaming has grown to be common. When streaming, the video is played on your computer or mobile device, not in real time. It can be stopped, rewound, or skipped over. Anime episodes, on the other hand, usually last 2-4 hours to watch. The main reason for this is that individuals are attempting to squeeze in some leisure time while juggling a full schedule at work, so they want to save as much time as they can. As there is no waiting involved when you stream, you can immediately begin watching the video.

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Online anime viewing has numerous advantages over television or computer or mobile device downloads. Because streaming services make a big effort to preserve that quality, there are no adverts during the videos when you view them online, and the resolution quality is always great. In addition, you may easily download an episode from your preferred website, eliminating the need for a physical dvd or blu-ray disc. It is handy and simple to employ. With platforms for streaming media like Crunchyroll, Funimation Now, Hulu, Netflix, Tokyo MX, and Nico Nico Douga, there’s always something fresh and fun to look forward to.

Online Anime and Manga Streaming Sites


The finest website to view your favorite animated movies online is watchcartoononline. All of your preferred animated series, like Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends, Adventure Time, and SpongeBob, are available on the website.

Movies and TV series are both abundant on Watchcartoononline! They constantly add fresh stuff, in addition. You may watch all of your favorite cartoons online at this website.


Anime streaming can be found at Crunchyroll. Having been established in 2006, it started broadcasting professionally in 2009. All users in the US, Canada, Mexico, South America, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Ireland may use it without charge. In addition, they provide a premium subscription program that offers access to premium material and ad-free viewing.

What distinguishes these services from others? They offer a vast range of genres from many other nations, including China, Korea, and Japan, to name a few. Anime fandom is the only prerequisite for membership. Using Crunchyroll’s library of previously aired programs or those that have been authorized for home video release in your nation, you can view simulcasts or already-completed programming. With new episodes being added every season, they have over 8400 episodes online!


The most well-known anime streaming services include KissAnime. They renowned for offering a wide variety of high-quality products with intuitive interfaces. In order to make it simpler for viewers to locate what they want, their programming also divided into seasons. It is understandable why so many people enjoy KissAnime given the variety of series and movies they have available on their website.

Because anime may offer an experience that is unavailable in other media, this is one of the key factors attracting people to it. Many methods, including voice acting, animation, and music, have used to make this possible. Both new and seasoned fans will enjoy this experience thanks to KissAnime’s assistance.

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The most well-known and rapidly expanding manga app in the world called KissManga. The user can read manga directly on their phone, tablet, or computer thanks to its free use and availability of all the necessary tools. Everyone can start reading manga with KissManga’s paid and unpaid versions, so there’s no need to be concerned about how much money you’ll spend.

In order to ensure that everyone may find something they enjoy, the app offers a wide range of diverse genres, from romance to action/adventure. In order to continue enjoying their favorite manga no matter where they are or what device they are using, KissManga now gives readers the option to quickly download all of their favorite comics for offline reading.


Several different anime are available for free on the website gogoanime. Anyone can find something on GogoAnime, which offers a database of over 20,000 titles. Gogoanime is the ideal option for folks who want to watch anime at home or on their phone and want it to be simple to watch and easy on the eyes.

Give Gogoanime a try if you’re looking for high-caliber animation but don’t want to commit hours upon hours to watching programs like One Punch Man and other well-known animes!



A website for online cartoon viewing called KissCartoon. It offers a huge selection of gratuitous animated films and TV shows. James Ferguson, a Vancouver, Canada-based cartoon aficionado, established Kiss Cartoon on November 1st, 2004.

Both contributors who contribute work to the website and its own online user community call themselves KissCartoon. Fans can communicate with other users in real-time on the website’s discussion boards, which are another feature that is well-known.

Website dedicated to anything anime called 9Anime. You may get news, reviews, interviews, and information on all the most recent trends in the anime industry.

Action, adventure, comedy, drama, romance, and shounen are among the many anime genres that can found on 9Anime. Those who are new to anime and want to know what to watch first can find various parts on the website.


Animation and manga can watched online at Cartooncrazy. It provides the most recent episodes of your favorite shows in clear, high-quality videos, and there are no advertising or subscriptions necessary to watch them. The UI is also simple enough for anyone to use and is easy to browse.

A platform where you can stream any animation from anywhere in the world, Cartooncrazy is more than simply a website for watching cartoons. If you don’t have continual access to the Internet, you can watch a show while taking public transportation to work or while waiting for your stop on the bus.


There is a vast range of content available for viewers of all ages on the anime and manga streaming website Animeplanet. They offer a broad selection of programming, including animated films, live-action films, mini-series, TV shows, and both subtitled and dubbed anime and manga.

Together with other things, they include live staff chats, freebies, event tickets for premieres, and much more. Animeplanet has managed to rise to prominence in the online world because to this cutting-edge website. HD 4K Anime Wallpapers to Download

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