Step By Step Rose Drawing Images

Drawing Images are a huge variety of beautiful natural flowers that can be used for any occasion or preference. The rose is arguably the most well-known flower ever made and the most popular flower in the world.

Rose Drawing Images

This makes sense since they attract notice due to their stunning presence and intricate petal structures. This structure is lovely, but it can also make learning how to draw a cartoon rose more difficult.

There’s no need to let that job depress you because we’re here to demonstrate how easy it can be when you know what to do. Drawing Images tutorial on how to sketch a cartoon rose, we’ll be recreating this well-known flower, so get set to have fun with your imagination!

How to Draw a Cartoon Rose: Let’s Get Started!


  • The complex petal structure of roses makes them famously challenging to sketch.
  • When sketching your cartoon rose, we advise being patient and careful while closely imitating the examples we give.
  • As we start at the middle of this particular rose, you can see the twisted shape of these petals.
  • You could enlarge the image and draw it in parts to make things easier for yourself. You can also begin with a pencil and switch to a pen once you’re happy with its appearance.


  • At this stage, sketch some larger flowers.
  • We’ll make things a little easier in this tutorial section on creating a cartoon rose. We’ll begin by extending the blossom’s more giant petals for now.
  • These have rounded borders and will be positioned on either side of the blossom. Then, some wavier lines will be used to outline the inner edges of these larger petals.
  • This is another stage where you should closely try to resemble the details from our example.


  • Draw the final flowers in step three.
  • The third step will focus on finishing the petals of the flower. These new sepals will serve as a base for the rose’s petals.
  • We will draw three substantial, rounder petals for this flower area and some wavy detail lines inside the petals.
  • We can move on to the stem, which is the next component of the flower after you have drawn these petals.


  • Draw the stalk of the flower.
  • Your cartoon rose illustration’s petals are complete, so let’s focus on the stalk. We’ll first add a small section beneath the flower’s petals to sketch this stem.
  • Curved lines with three sharp tips will be used to depict this section.
  • From this part, the stalk will then start to drop. The stalk is represented by a few curved lines extending downward.
  • The lines will incline to the right, but you can adjust them to the left or continue straight down if preferred.
  • Once you have drawn the stem, you will be ready for the last few details in the following stage of the guide.


  • Complete the characteristics of your drawing.
  • We’ve now finished the trickiest parts of this drawing, a cartoon rose lesson, and in this stage, we’ll add some leaves to the stem.
  • There will be two groups of leaves, each attached to a different stalk. First, trace the smaller stems that appear at the borders.
  • Then, these stems will receive three additional leaves, all different sizes. Once you notice some veins inside each one, the procedure is complete.
  • Before proceeding to the final step, you could change the image.
  • These details could be small—like holes in the leaves or perhaps some insects—or more significant—like a beautiful garden backdrop.
  • These are only a few of the countless choices available. This is where you can show off your creativity as you share your extraordinary ideas for this image.


  • Include color to finish off your drawing.
  • We selected red for this example image since it is the color that is most frequently associated with roses.
  • The flowers were decorated with a variety of warm, lovely crimson tones. By changing the shades, you can give the image some dimension in the shading.
  • Then I used some beautiful greens to make the stem and foliage.
  • A rose can be found in various colors despite having this classic look most of the time! You have a variety of options for how to tie off this rose.
  • Keep the colors lovely and realistic, or create your fantastic rose variation.
  • We’d suggest using watercolors for this image, but any painting materials or medium will produce stunning results.

Here are some pointers to help you draw animated roses more effectively:

  • Use these tips to enhance this rose-themed comic illustration.
  • The rose in this animated image is colored in the conventional shade of red. Even though many people associate this color with flowers, you can use a variety of other shades if you’d like.
  • Traditional colors like pink and even white are also available, but you can select any shades you like.

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