Cost Structure for Pakistani Students Study MBBS in China

International students who desire to study MBBS in China can do so safely. Several Pakistani and foreign students have applied to study MBBS in China during the past 20 to 25 years, especially for the English Medium MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) & BDS programs (Bachelor in Dental Surgery). Due to its affordable tuition, MBBS in China is a particularly alluring choice for Pakistani students interested in studying medicine.

Cost Structure for Pakistani Students Study MBBS in China

The MBBS degree from China is recognized internationally and is acceptable in Pakistan. Students can obtain licenses from PMC Pakistan through a PMC test after receiving their MBBS from China. For Pakistani students, the average cost of a Study MBBS in China ranges from 4 to 10 lakhs a year. At Chinese colleges, the annual cost of an MBBS program typically ranges from 4 to 10 lacs. The cost structure varies by university.

In Pakistan, almost all pre-med students want to become doctors. Unfortunately, they are unable to become physicians due to the high standards of medical schools in Pakistan and the hefty costs of private medical colleges there. Nonetheless, Chinese institutions provide scholarships to foreign students pursuing a range of degrees, including the MBBS.

The most effective education counselor for China is Universities Page. We’ll go through the prerequisites and how to get an MBBS admission in China. In addition, we’ll give you crucial knowledge about MBBS universities in China and student visas.

Scholarships for MBBS in China

To help Pakistani students who are enrolled at Chinese universities, Pakistan has provided some scholarships to study MBBS in China. When applying for the running year, candidates are advised to carefully review their eligibility. The recipients of this scholarship will be able to enroll in MBBS programs at institutions in China.

Advantages of Chinese Scholarships

You may be eligible to get free higher education by applying for these scholarships.

  • They provide top-notch instruction and research.
  • Conventional, cost-effective, and high-quality living
  • They provide first-rate transportation.
  • Teachers who are cordial and helpful
  • A multinational setting offers.

Our Top Recommendations for the Top 4 Universities in China

Based on the experiences of international students (both curricular and extracurricular) at several Chinese medical universities, we have created a list of the Top 4 Medical Universities to study MBBS in China As a foreign student interested in studying MBBS in China, we believe that our rating of the top four medical schools in the country will help you make the decision on which college best suits your interests, preferences, and objectives.

  • Zhejiang Chinese Medical University 
  • Nanchang University 
  • Qingdao University 
  • Dalian Medical University 

1. Zhejiang Chinese Medical University:

Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, a Complete University with a Clinical Medicine (MBBS) program that is among the Top 1% of ESI globally, is in first place in our ranking. The university is situated in Zhejiang, one of the most developed, aesthetically pleasing, and economically prosperous cities in all of China. The top spot on our list of the best locations to study MBBS in China goes to Zhejiang Chinese Medical University.

2. Nanchang University:

The sole 211 Project University in Jiangxi Province, Nanchang University is situated in Nanchang, the country’s capital city, and is ranked second among all medical schools in China. It is one of the most renowned and highly sought-after universities among Pakistani students due to its excellent international ranking, ESI ranking, education, laboratories, facilities, and the helpfulness of the teaching and administrative staff. Its low costs also contribute to its popularity on campus. The second-best choice for Pakistani students looking to pursue study MBBS in China is unquestionably Nanchang University.

3. The Qingdao University:

On our list of the Top Medical Universities in China, Qingdao University comes in third place. The 211 Project Universities list includes Qingdao University, which is a MOE Listed University situated in the first-tier city in the stunning beachfront metropolis of Shandong Province. With affordable tuition, first-rate amenities, exceptional faculty, a stunning location, an excellent global reputation, and an MBBS from Qingdao University placed in the Top 1% of ESI globally, the university comfortably holds third place in China and among international students.

4. Dalian Medical University

One of China’s most beautiful and conveniently placed campuses belongs to Dalian Medical University. The campus, which is by the sea, has lovely architecture and a stunning view of the vast Bohai Sea. After a long day of studying, students may take in the sea’s immensity, as well as the campus’s breathtaking views of the sea’s surface during the sunset and the sea’s surface at sunrise.

In the top 1% of ESI globally, Dalian Medical University’s MBBS program ranks highly. Dalian Medical University comfortably takes the fourth spot on our ranking of the Best Medical Universities in China based on all of its qualities.

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