Technologies & Web Development Approach You Should Use

What is the technology and development approach you would use for web development? With so much language and controversy between the development approaches, selecting one becomes hard. If you are a JavaScript developer or do web development in any other language, then this article is for you. Following are the technologies and approaches for web development to use in 2023.


Headless architecture, a.k.a. Jamstack is a popular and modern architecture used for web development. It allows development of web pages that are static with blazing fast speed even though they are equipped with the dynamic elements. Jamstack separates the frontend from the backend which lets developers develop web pages with technologies, frameworks and languages of their choice. 

Here are the reasons to use Jamstack apart from its rapidly increasing popularity among developers: 

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Rapid development process
  • Fast performance
  • Scalability
  • Cost-efficiency (hosting static elements is cheaper than hosting dynamic elements)
  • Flexibility (use any language you want)

This is the reason why it is transforming how developers approach web development. Many eCommerce have already started developing their website using this development stack.

Here are some of the most popular and widely used frameworks that JavaScript developers for hire use for web development:


If you haven’t already then this is the time to hire JS developers and get your business online with modern and latest technology. Hire before it’s too late, because JavaScript is not done yet. 

JavaScript libraries and frameworks are already so popular but their popularity is growing even more with the release of new features and even new frameworks. One of the most controversial ones is React. While React is a JS library, it is considered and often referred to as a framework. Why? Because it provides a complete set of tools used for web development just like other frameworks do. But it is lighter and easier to use compared to frameworks like Angular. Which is the reason behind its popularity. 

Here are features that React provides:

  • Developing SEO-friendly websites
  • Developing high-performance websites
  • Easy to learn
  • Cost-effective development 
  • Creating reusable components providing efficient coding
  • Build astonishing and fast UI and UX components
  • Writing stable code

Of course, it also has some downsides like poor documentation and hard to scalable applications. 

There are other technologies that are at the rise like Angular, Svelte, and Next that JavaScript developers for hire should have a go at. 


Node is a leading and one of a kind backend runtime environment that plays a major part in developing backend applications. Here are the key features provided by Node:

  • Building efficient web apps, websites, and SPAs
  • Building powerful and fast performing websites that are lightweight
  • It uses Google’s V8 JavaScript engine which provides apps their speed
  • Data streaming supports: best for development of social sites
  • Storing data for future requests making the request complete fast
  • Development of cross-platform web apps
  • Building highly scalable apps without sacrificing speed or performance 

Like any other technology it has drawbacks too, like: not great for building financial software.  Bad at complex CPU calculations, because it doesn’t provide precision calculation. Not recommended for building banking applications.

Web development approaches mostly used are agile development and continuous development and continuous integration. 

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