The Backrooms: Horror Games Related

The Backrooms, one of the most popular contemporary online creepypastas, has already served as inspiration for a number of video games. These are the top candidates.

You might be reminded of Sirenhead, a horrifying story that was brought to life by independent writers and video games. Numerous indie game developers have made an effort to capture the dark, twisted feel of The Backrooms.

A small team is develop many games from this story and they become popular Maybe you’re searching for a puzzle-free or a single-player experience. 

Escape The Backrooms

In Escape The Backrooms, solving the puzzles is priority. You can explore eight levels of The Backrooms with maximum of three friends. The game is now in Early Access on Steam.

The game has an escape room-like vibe to it because you have to find out how to escape on each level. The developers interested in the backstory and actual history of the game, therefore each update and level closely links to the creepypasta.

Inside the backrooms

Because it supports multiplayer, this game has definitely been played by some of your favorite YouTubers. And who doesn’t like playing horror games with friends? This game has a lot of levels, and each one becomes harder with puzzles and a new monster to fear. The puzzles can be fairly difficult in the beginning, and having something lurking around and keeping an eye on you doesn’t help.

Early Access has four levels and six monsters as the moment. It allows for simultaneous play by up to four players, proximity chat, and virtual reality to bring everything together.

Escape Together

You need to work with your friends to find the way out, this is the meaning of this game. Like many of these great games, Backrooms: Escape Together is currently in Early Access on Steam. Every time you start a new game, you and your pals will have a fresh set of goals to accomplish. This independent game by Backrooms offers one of the best visuals thanks to the use of Unreal Engine 5.