The best racing games on PS5 2023?

No gaming system is complete without a top-tier racing game, which often stretches the visual capabilities of the console and offers players the chance to either cruise along at a leisurely pace or experience nail-biting excitement. Sony’s PlayStation 5 has its share of great racing games, and that’s before the long-awaited release of Gran Turismo. Here, you’ll find our hand-picked selection of the finest solutions.

New to Gran Turismo 7

The first numbered Gran Turismo game in a long time, and the granddaddy of PlayStation racing games, is back, and it’s a scorcher called GT7. You’ll be able to upgrade your vehicles at a steady pace as you gain experience racing safely and fairly.

The mechanics are spot-on, and you’ll eventually get to get behind the wheel of some of the most recognizable vehicles in the world. Everything looks great on the PS5, with the system’s native 4K resolution allowing for a sharp and gorgeous journey.

Get Your Desire for Speed Out of the Box

Need for Speed is another major racing series, although its popularity has declined in recent years. Despite this, it has released Unbound, its strongest offering in years. This is a great arcade-style racer with a unique risk-reward structure thanks to the use of roguelike mechanics. The best part, though, is the ability to personalize it to your tastes.


Even while it performs a good job overall, Gran Turismo’s off-road racing modes aren’t as well developed as the game’s road racing modes. Nevertheless, thanks to Dirt 5, a racer who has an insanely detailed understanding of how mud works, getting a satisfying off-road experience is a breeze.

Tracks that change from one surface to another at whim and a drift hunters fleet of super-powered vehicles to race across them in a flurry of chaos and occasional collisions make for a great time. The music is enjoyable, and the visuals are impressive as well.

F1 22

If you’re looking for something more niche, Codemasters’ recent F1 release is a great example of how proficient they are at developing licensed racing games. The competition is so tight and well-balanced that you’ll feel like a Formula One racer at your best.

Driving an F1 car for a whole season with the goal of winning the championship is an impressive feat of stamina, what with all the courses you have to learn and the incredible rush you get when you floor the accelerator.


Wreckfest is a lot more chaotic and fun if you’re looking for that. You may completely wreck your car, truck, tractor, or any of the other vehicles in this funny racing thanks to its very complex damage mechanisms.

Destruction derbies are great fun, and the result is racing that is very messy and full of violence. Nonetheless, the racing component is excellent as well, so fans will find much to enjoy.

Generating in the WRC

Last but not least, a terrific rally game always stands out from the others, providing a thrilling and fast-paced experience like no other. WRC Generations is a terrific continuation of the greatest series now available if you want to rip around tracks with barely a second’s warning before each hairpin.

You’ll be able to test your virtual driving talents against the same courses that these professional racers face in the real world, with a broad selection of vehicles to choose from and a wide number of locations based on actual tour events.

Tips for Choosing a Racing Game for the PS5

There are several excellent racing games available on the PS5, including a large number of titles formerly released for the PS4 that are fully compatible with the PS5. In order to help you narrow down your options, here are a few questions to ask.

Which do you like more, road racing or off-road competitions?

Modern racing video games are somewhat segmented; developers often focus on either off-road or on-road racing, but not both. In other words, if you like the sensation of sliding around a muddy turn, you should acquire a game like WRC 10 or Dirt 5, but if you prefer racing on asphalt, you should stay with the heavy guns and get a game like Gran Turismo 7.

Do you have a passion for Formula One?

Of course, if you have a strong preference for a certain discipline, such as Formula 1, your options would be much more constrained since licenses are often concentrated in a single location. There is just one game series to play if you want to digitally race an official F1 vehicle, and this is true for other organizations as well.

Can we divide the screen?

Split-screen gameplay, formerly common in racing games, is becoming more unusual. There are a surprising amount of games out there that don’t allow you to race a buddy on a single TV when you have people around.

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