Top 10 Must See Waterfalls of the UK

With an abundance of natural water sources, it’s no wonder that the UK is so well-known for its beautiful and abundant freshwater scenery. From majestic mountains to hidden creeks, there are hundreds of waterfalls throughout the country. If you’re lucky enough to find on UK Trip here during the summer months, then make the most of it! Here are the top 10 must see waterfalls in the UK:

Devil’s Staircase, Berwick-upon-Tweed

One of the most iconic waterfalls in the UK, Devil’s Staircase is a truly magnificent sight. The waterfall drops from the Devil’s Staircase in the cliffs above the North Sea, and is a stunning sight that is well worth visiting. The wooded Devil’s Staircase gorge here provides great views of the North Sea, and it’s a popular spot for visitors to the area, with a number of tourist attractions nearby.

Llangernyw Falls, Gwynnedd Peninsula, Snowdonia National Park

Llanternyw Falls is another of Britain’s most famous waterfalls. Located in the Gwynedd Peninsula, these stunning falls are a must-see for any visitors to the area, and they’re especially impressive at low tide when you can walk behind them. These falls are just one of the many sights on Gwynnedd Peninsula, which also features the Llanfroddick Ruins and a number of other beautiful sights.

The Beas River, Shropshire

This small river has been a major feature of the scenery in the Shropshire countryside since the Stone Age, and continues to be a major feature of the area’s scenery today. The Beas River is well worth exploring for those who love beautiful waterfalls, as it’s home to a number of beautiful waterfalls, as well as some of the best whitewater rafting in the UK.

Falls of Clyde, Glasgow

A stunning waterfall with a long and interesting history, the Falls of Clyde is a must-see for anyone visiting the city of Glasgow. This waterfall is particularly impressive at low tide, when you can walk behind it and see how it drops straight into the Clyde estuary. The Clyde is a major waterway that flows into the Firth of Clyde, and provides a major link between the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea.

Great Diving Horse, Derbyshire

This horse is actually underwater and is located in the Derwent Reservoir in Derbyshire. The reservoir is an incredibly popular spot for visitors to the area, and it’s well worth checking out for the many gorgeous waterfalls that it has. The horse is a massive diving platform, and from it you can also see the ruins of an Iron Age hill fort.

St. Maughan’s Church Ruins and Waterfall, Neath Abbey

The ruins of St. Maughan’s Church are located in the Neath Valley in South Wales, and offer stunning views of the waterfalls that are found there. The Neath Valley is home to a large number of beautiful waterfalls, and makes a great place to explore if you’re in the area. St. Maughan’s is a particularly beautiful sight, as it’s located high above the valley and has a great waterside path that leads up to it.

The Bridge on the River Nith, Argyll and Bute

Located in the town of Lismore in Argyll and Bute, this interesting bridge is the only one in the world to be constructed entirely out of stones from the river itself. The river Nith flows through the centre of the bridge and provides stunning views of the waterfalls that are found in both Argyll and Bute.

Kielder Waterfalls and Cave Dungeon, Northumberland Forest

One of the most stunning waterfalls in the UK, Kielder Waterfalls is located in Northumberland National Park in Northumberland. This incredible waterfall is one of the most popular in the UK, and it’s well worth visiting if you’re in the area during the summer months. The waterfall is also home to a large number of bird species, making it an extremely attractive spot for visitors.

Coniston Waterfall, Lake District National Park

Also located in the Lake District National Park, Coniston Waterfall is a beautiful sight that is also a very popular place to visit. With its dramatic appearance, this waterfall is a favourite with many visitors to the UK, and it’s worth visiting if you’re in the area during the summer months.

Ballyhoura Falls, County Limerick

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ireland, and one of the most beautiful in the UK, the Ballyhoura Falls are a truly stunning sight. Located in County Limerick, these falls are stunning at any time of year and are especially impressive during the summer months when you can walk behind them.


Wild and dramatic waterfalls are a rarity in the UK, but even these are worth visiting. The top waterfalls in this article are all well worth visiting, and they’re all worth visiting if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in the area during the summer months. These waterfalls are all worth visiting, but they are all especially beautiful at certain times of year.

You’ll find that many of these top waterfalls are also beautiful during other times of the year, although they are particularly spectacular during the summer months when the weather is at its best. With so many lovely waterfalls in the UK, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to exploring them. These top 10 waterfalls make it easier to choose a few to visit

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