Top 5 Retro PC Games From The 1990s

Don’t you long for the days when 800×600 resolution was cutting edge and 3D games were primarily just an experiment? The top games of that time period are listed here.

Seeing Christmas decorations in the stores makes me nostalgic for the classic video games of the 1990s that I used to play as a kid. Although today’s gamers may not recall it, there was a time when games were evaluated using very different standards, and not just because of the presence or absence of modern features such as 3D visuals, 4K resolutions, or sophisticated multiplayer options. Since I’m in a nostalgic mood, I thought I’d share the five finest old PC games from the 1990s that had the most impact on my formative years.

Heroes of Might & Magic 3

Heroes of Might and Magic is not only one of the most popular series of turn-based strategy games, but also one of my personal favorites. The third iteration was the best; it was released in 1999, and many people are still playing it in 2017. When more castles, new buildings, and enhancements for all creatures were added to the game, it was a major improvement. Because of its various additions, notably the unofficial but nonetheless fantastic Wake of Gods, HMM 3 has managed to maintain its popularity over the years.

Mortal Kombat II

Even though the initial Mortal Kombat game shocked the gaming industry with its blood “particles” and gruesome fatalities, the second iteration, released in 1993, is widely regarded as the game that helped establish the franchise and make it what it is today. Mortal Kombat 2 improved upon the original in several ways, including the number of playable characters, the variety of stages, and the number and complexity of the combos available. In addition, its leader, Kintaro, is even more irritating than Goro because of his vertical attack.


Disney used to be capable of developing good games, which is hard for the current age to imagine. The games themselves were developed by the Virgin Games studio, although Disney was supervising the project. Even though I have completed the Lion King game multiple times, my longest time spent with any Disney video game is with the 1993 Aladdin release. The platform game had great level variety, a wide array of playable actions, and was written with humor and entertainment in mind. As an added bonus, everyone remembers the infamous “magic carpet” death-trap.


Even though it was launched in 1998, Half-Life is universally regarded as a cutting-edge game because it is the game that inspired Counter-Strike and is widely acknowledged to be the best shooter ever developed. While many developers were beginning to explore 3D game worlds by this time, Valve’s offering was the first to truly innovate in the genre thanks to its stunning visuals (the textures alone were awesome), well-developed plot, and especially its excellent cutscenes, which were a rarity at the time, especially in first-person shooters. While I will always have a soft spot for classics like Doom II, Duke Nukem 3D, and Descent, I believe Half-Life was the game that truly revolutionized the industry.

StarCraft Brood War

And last but not least, StarCraft and, more importantly, its 1998 expansion, Brood War, belong on any list of games from the 1990s. People are still playing this real-time strategy game, so it must be good. It was so fantastic that it kept players engaged for the whole decade it took Blizzard to create StarCraft 2. This summer, the video game developer released a refurbished edition of the game with improved visuals and audio as a testament to the game’s legacy of excellence.

I mentioned at the outset that these are the video games that had an impact on me growing up, so I fully expect that not everyone will agree with my choices. You may want to check out our list of the greatest first-person shooters on the market, though, if you prefer playing more recent games with more modern visuals. There are many other games you can also learn more about pacman 30th anniversary.

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