Top 5 Roblox horror games with the most scares

Roblox is a platform well-known for its large number of multiplayer games! There are games in every genre, made by a wide range of creators and companies. Horror is often defined by jump scares, terrifying animals, and a lot of trying not to get killed! With Roblox, you may play with your friends or with people you’ve just met, so you’re not facing the full fear alone!

So what exactly is a horror game? It is something frightening or spooky. It would often make you jump or feel as if you were on the edge of your seat, waiting for something horrible to happen. It’s a game genre for folks who like being on edge and afraid! Scary and horror games on Roblox do not involve gore or explicit physical injury, making them more child-friendly than other titles.


The dark apartment in Robox

While there are plenty of different horror games on the platform – enough for a category specifically for it – we are going to be looking at the scariest Roblox games that you can enter and play right now! All of these titles are free to play, have tons of active players, and are still kept up to date by the developers who have created them. Let’s get into the list of the top 20 scariest Roblox horror games so that you can dive into some horrifying titles, with characters that look like they are from Lego.

Let’s get right into it vampire survivors!

Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 is clearly inspired by games like Among Us and Werewolf. In it, team members are randomly assigned to one of three categories: innocents, sheriffs, or murderers. The Innocents are just seeking to flee and hide, as well as identify the killer and inform the authorities. The sheriff is the guardian and the only one with a weapon capable of defeating the killer, therefore if you are assigned to this duty, you will be carrying a lot of weight! As you may expect, the killer is the terrible guy who wants to kill everyone else on the map. Each round is often brief, but it’s a very enjoyable horror game as you wait for the killer to emerge around the corner.

We have an MM2 value list that will aid you with the Ancient, Legendary, Epic, and other stuff, so you can’t claim we abandoned you in that terrible world with nothing to offer!



Piggy is one of those horror games that you’ve undoubtedly heard of if you’ve played Roblox. Piggy has a variety of modes, ranging from Zombie variants to versions with bots to populate the area, as well as multiple distinct places for the game to take place. In each variation, your goal is to flee Piggy, a strange pig beast, and escape whatever area you are in. Several tools may be located around the map, which will allow you to explore more of the region. You may team up with your buddies or play it alone, but you’ll spend a lot of time fleeing and hiding.

There’s a comprehensive list of Piggy skins, equipment, and modes that the majority of you will find really handy, so have a look if you’re interesting in playing it.


3008 - Roblox horror game

Now, the theme around 3008 is going to sound more funny than scary, however, once you jump into it you will find that the creepy, surreal atmosphere will have you crawling in your skin. In 3008, you are inside of an infinite IKEA, lost among all of the furniture and stuff. You are tasked with building a base so that you can keep your needs up and survive against the employees of IKEA, who seem to have been turned evil while stuck working in this never-ending store. Your needs will need to be watched and met, and the mood of the game feels very creepy and strange…

Survive the Killer!

Roblox horror game - Survive the Killer!

Survive the Killer is a game in the same vein as Murder Mystery 2, however there are only two parts to play. When you join, you may choose to be the Survivor or the Killer. The Survivors need to hide, save each other and work towards escaping whatever town or building they are currently placed into. The murderer, on the other side, is charged with murdering as many people as possible before the timer runs out. When you are attacked by the murderer, you will truly fall to the ground and strike the floor, with a frightening jump scare occurring before you slowly bleed out until you get aid. It’s extremely frightening.

We have codes for Survive the Killer, just as we have for the other titles, that will bring you new knives. Isn’t it brutal?

Flee the Facility

Flee the Facility

Escape the Facility is another fleeing and escaping game in which one participant takes on the role of a beast who has been unleashed within whichever facility you are all presently at. You must all figure out how to unlock the numerous monitors and flee the institution as soon as possible. This is accomplished by locating computer displays and staring at them for an extended period of time while the beast is notified to your location. It’s a struggle, and the beast might locate you and tug you forward, scaring and terrifying your soul while you sit there attempting to assist your companions escape. In this game, a few sacrifices are often made for the greater welfare of the team.

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